Client Area

Your Portal to Customize Your Event


After you book your event, you will have access to my Music Database, Planning Forms, Timeline Forms and many other tools to help plan your event. This will allow you to create, edit and submit your event information directly and conveniently to me online.

Planning Forms

Design and coordinate every specific detail of your event. Using a wedding as an example, that can include location and times, to first dances and bridal party introductions. The forms are customized for your special event. You can even update your saved work.

Event Timeline

Design and create an unlimited number of event timelines completely tailored to your event and the types of activities performed during those events. My online system will allow me to coordinate with you the precise sequence of activities to take place during your special event.

Music Database

You can search my music library online. Keyword search, browse songs, and build custom request lists for your event, including a must play and do not playlist. If the song is not in my library, I can get it. In addition, you can attach special instructions or dedications to songs. You can plan the music for your entire event and save your lists.

Guest Request (Optional)

A fun feature that allows your guests to log in and contribute towards a master music request list. You can select how many requests you want each guest to be able to make to match the diverse musical tastes of everyone. Guests cannot alter another guest’s requests, only their own. Don’t worry, as the event planner you also have the final approval on what songs are acceptable to play at your event. It’s fun, easy and gets everyone involved.

How to Login to The Portal

After booking you event, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to login to the client portal.