Fraidy Cat Rabbit (Old Style)


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This delightful comedy magic trick has a startling surprise climax – the audience screams that they know “how it’s done” only to discover they didn’t know after all!

The effect starts when you show your audience a small wooden doorway.
You open the door, and there is a picture of a little black bunny.
As you talk about the bunny, you casually close the door.
You ask the audience to help you do a little magic- if they call out “BOO” loud enough, the bunny might change color.

Of course, you have some fun with this, getting the crowd to shout louder and louder.
Finally (and very obviously), you turn the doorway around and open it to show a white bunny in the doorway.
The bunny has indeed changed color!
Or has it?

It is obvious that all you have done is turn the doorway around and opened up the other side, showing the back of the plaque.
And the crowd will let you know it! That’s the point!!
You perform this “magical switch” another time – and the audience will become more excited and more vocal as the trick progresses.
Yes, the rabbit changed color, but the audience can’t miss the way you keep just turning the doorway around throughout the sequence.
“You’re turning it around!” they’ll insist.
At the finish, they will be literally shouting at you to “turn it around” so they can prove to you that the black rabbit is on one side, and the white rabbit on the back.
And that’s precisely what you want to happen!

Because imagine the laughter and surprise and applause when you finally open the doorway, take the plaque out, and show that there is a black rabbit FACE on one side and a black rabbit BACK on the other side!
Fools them every time!

This effect has been a kids’ show favorite for generations.

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