Run Rabbit Run


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Run Rabbit Run is a classic children’s effect, with various animation features. It is a mechanical effect, where a Rabbit placed in one house (compartment) magically travels to another. What makes this a hit with the kids is the animation of the rabbit, which is seen to run from one compartment to the other when the performer is not looking, or peep over the side of the compartment as this is being shown empty. It finally vanishes from the frame and re-appears in the performer’s pocket.

There are several animation features built into this model. A rabbit can be made to appear or vanish from behind either door. It can be seen to travel from one door to the other. It can be seen to peek from behind a door. There are 4 rabbits built into the prop for the animation, plus 2 for the original vanish and reproduction.

Children’s performers will find this a great addition to their repertoire.

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Dimensions 16 × 7.5 × 1.5 in